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               With Maria Lofquist
sense of relaxation.  This is a crucial step in the body’s regeneration process. 
As the tension is released, the surrounding fascia becomes less solid and more fluid.  This allows greater movement of the blood and lymph through the tissue, enhancing nutrition to, and waste removal from the site of injury or dis-ease.  The blockages and congestion in the body begin to dissipate. 

Next Bowenwork™ activates the I.S.H.I. allowing the brain to freely “talk” to every cell in the body having regained communication via the nervous system, otherwise compromised by the imbalances within the obstructed body.

Specific treatments for specific complaints are administered in a peaceful and comfortable environment.  It is a referred to as a very experiential treatment as each person responds in a unique fashion.  However when the communication channels are open and clear between the I.S.H.I. and the rest of the body, the message is always the same:  “Restore, Regenerate and Return to the original blueprint of health” - this is what Bowenwork does.

Through this unique and comprehensive therapy, today thousands of people world-wide find relief from arthritis, car accidents, stroke, migraines, emotional tension, stress, constipation, joint pain, respiratory ailments, back pain, and more.

Tom Bowen described his healing therapy as a “Gift from God”, which he left as his gift to the world.

Maria Lofquist has been practicing the Original Bowenwork™ technique as taught by the Bowenwork™ Academy USA, since 2007.  Further information about Bowenwork ™ and its history may be found on her website at www.simplybowen.com
She also welcomes your questions and comments via ph: 612-483-1835 or email: maria@simplybowen.com

Thank you!

All healing modalities acknowledge and embrace the human body’s Innate Self Healing Intelligence (I.S.H.I.) which under optimal conditions establishes, maintains and restores health.  If we scratch our skin on a thorn, the body will automatically restore and repair the skin to its original state.  No conscious thought or action from our brain is required - our body automatically takes care of business.

Imbalances, discord and disharmony within the body create less than optimal conditions for health.  There are a multitude of reasons why this may happen from the foods and drinks we consume, to the pollutants in our environment, accidents, injuries, illness, stress and even our level of emotional support, or lack there of.

When imbalances, disharmony and discord occur in the body, blockages form between the I.S.H.I. and the site of injury or disease, disconnecting clear communications.  This disharmony is primarily recognized by the resulting cycle of pain, stress, illness and disease.  Associated with this cycle is most always some form of tension sometimes recognized consciously, and sometimes not.

The more time that elapses, the stronger the blockages can become, which is why, often times, when we seek a form of treatment, one visit is seldom enough.  Like peeling back the layers of an onion, therapists try to slowly break down the blockage reconnecting the I.S.H.I. power of the body, with all parts of the body.

Bowenwork™ is the name given to the healing therapy developed during the last century by the late Tom Bowen of Australia.

Using very gentle moves in specific sequences on the client’s body, Bowenwork™ firstly down-regulates the muscle tension creating a deep

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