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©2007 Simply Bowen/Maria Lofquist
What is Bowenwork?
A very comprehensive therapy that incorporates healing on multiple levels simultaneously.
A gentle and effective manual therapy that balances tension patterns in the body, resulting in a state of deep relaxation.
A holistic therapy, affecting not only the musculoskeletal framework but also the fascia, nerves, and internal organs.
An energy therapy which optimizes the way the brain talks to every cell of the body. Bowen will help the body return to optimal functioning and wellness, which can prevent chronic disease from taking hold.
Very gentle and subtle yet the results are outstanding.
The Bowen Technique is not easily described by comparing it with other modalities. It is an entirely unique system of neuromuscular repatterning that works primarily through the nervous system, affecting both structural and energetic levels. A Bowen session consists of very precise and gentle rolling movements on muscle and connective tissue. These gentle moves balance the body and stimulate the energy flow within it. The moves, although simple in appearance, must be performed correctly in order to achieve optimal results.

The basic Bowen “move” distorts a muscle or tendon that is not under load and then rolls over it at a precise location. As a result the spindle cells and Golgi tendon organs down-regulate the muscle’s resting tension level via the central nervous system. The surrounding fascia becomes less solid and more fluid, allowing greater movement of blood and lymph through the tissue and enhancing nutrition to, and waste removal from, the site of injury, or ‘dis-ease’.

The lack of distracting skin stimulation and the limited number of precise moves focus the nervous system’s attention on the essential points. Pausing at certain crucial times in a sequence of such moves allows time for the nervous system and fascia to respond and begin the healing process. The body continues to respond for several days afterward unless interrupted by injury or strong external stimulation, including trauma, heat or ice packs and bodywork. These components are what make Bowen a dynamic rather than static form of bodywork.
©2007 Simply Bowen/Maria Lofquist
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What is Bowenwork?